Visiting Athens

Staff May 20, 2019 0
Visiting Athens

The city of Athens, the capital of Greece, Ancient Greece was a powerful empire, and the city of Athens was the heart of this amazing civilization from the 5th century. This wonderful city is full of beautiful landmarks that are a must-see if you are planning a trip to this city. The Acropolis of Athens is a beautiful temple monument sitting atop a hillside. Atop this wonderful monument sits the world-famous Parthenon temple ruins.

There are multiple museums in this glorious city that are filled with ancient Greece artifacts that are definitely worth taking time to visit. The Acropolis Museum along with the Archeological Museum are two of the most famous ones.

Your visit to Athens will not be complete without a walk through the famous Plaka Lanes. A winding pedestrian-only road that is lined with many different cafes and houses. A wonderful place to experience the culture of this great city. You won’t regret your trip to Athens Greece, it will definitely be a wonderful unforgettable experience.

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