Your Guide to Havana

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Your Guide to Havana

The Spanish built up Havana in 1519 and after a short time transformed into an ending point for Spanish Galleons going between the New World and the Old World. By the seventeenth century, it had ended up being one of the Caribbean’s essential spots for ship-building. Today, Havana is a city with more than 2 million tenants and an inside which is home to a stunning mix of Baroque and neoclassical milestones.

In 1982, Havana was allocated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking around Havana is like walking around a Hollywood movie set and paying little mind to where you go, music seeks after with specialists playing out a mix of salsa, tyke (a blend of Spanish and African-spurred beats), and Son Montuno (down-home music).

Havana Vieja Old Havana is a champion among the most visited zones for voyagers who travel to Havana. Havana Vieja is a champion among the most awesome districts of the city.

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