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On the territory of the “Golden Mile” is the county of Miami-Dade County, from which tourists prefer to start a trip to Miami. Celebrities around the world have their mansions and properties here. Some of them lived there before, and some lives today.

But outsiders, as you understand, are not allowed there. There are striking quietness and calmness. The only noise is the rustling of the waves near the shore. Miami’s main attractions Florida Riviera After this zone, tourists go to the Florida Riviera and enjoy the contemplation of the Sunny Isles there. This is a modern world town on the coast of Florida.

Regalia On Collins Avenue is a building of forty-two floors – Regalia, numbering three hundred and sixty apartments with a unique view from the window. On the other side of the bridge, the Florida Riviera is replete with modern residential buildings and skyscrapers. Fascinating parks, fashionable restaurants, a huge number of shops. The most interesting thing is that many people come to this place to give birth.
Today in Miami, you are invited to a tour where you can get acquainted with the prices of real estate being sold, the intricacies of the purchase, new developments in construction, investment projects, as well as a schedule of growth of new buildings and used real estate.
You will be provided with information about the most profitable buildings for investment, about transactions in recent times, hiring for the short and long term, about taxes, rules. You will also be advised on serious lawyers and agencies.

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