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The general idea of ​​a wonderful park is to restore the magical kingdom of Walt Disney cartoons. A variety of new technical tricks help to give visitors the impression that they, for example, are sailing through the jungle, or see real ghosts in front of them, or that they are sitting in a submarine on the bottom of the sea – although all this is just masterfully executed attractions. A huge impression is made by Disneyland not only on children but also on adults. “Disneyland is your country,” said Walt Disney himself, “adults here can revive the past, young people can feel the taste for adventure.”

Disneyland Features The fabulous country Disneyland is not just an amusement park, it is a whole country that occupies 1943 hectares. In order not to get lost, it is better to purchase a card at the entrance.

Disneyland Park itself is divided into 5 areas: –

“The main street US A” – 5 rides, 15 shops, and 10 restaurants. On this “street” you get immediately, entering Disneyland. Here Walt Disney’s heroes walk and colorful parades pass, and also the railway line that goes through the whole Disney World begins. Every day at exactly 15-00 there is a march of all the Disney heroes. –

“Frontierland” (“Frontier Land, the World of Westerns”). In this area, there are 10 rides, 1 theater, 1 shop, 5 restaurants.

This is the area of ​​the Wild West. – “Adventureland” – (“Country of Adventures”): the city, the Wild West and the Indians plus mystic and ancient idols. The attraction came up with the author of “Indiana” and “Star Wars” George Lucas. Nearby is the house of Robinson and the ship of pirates of the Caribbean. – “Fantasyland” – (“Country of fantasy”).

There are 13 attractions, 1 theater, 7 shops, 7 restaurants. Near the Sleeping Beauty Castle lives a fire-breathing Dragon, which can seriously frighten children. The show with the innocent name “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is also unsafe, as it involves meeting with a terrible witch in the Black Forest. Nearby is the “Country of Peter Pena”.

– “Discoveryland” – (“Country of Discoveries”), which includes 9 rides, 1 theater, 2 stores, 2 restaurants. Here are the best computer games, the most amazing videos, the most technically challenging rides.

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